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Incidence value below 50: This is now possible in sport – with and without a test | Haller Kreisblatt

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The incidence is falling constantly – both in the Gütersloh district and throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. This is good news for all athletes, because a lot will be relaxed here in the next few days. An overview.

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Fitness studios in the Gütersloh district are allowed to reopen from Saturday. A negative corona test is required. © Mobilo

Altkreis Halle. The third corona wave seems to have broken. The incidence values ​​have been falling for days: Not only here in the Gütersloh district, but throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. This results in further relaxation for sport. A step-by-step plan from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia provides for this. In the Gütersloh district, the seven-day incidence on Thursday was 24.4 and thus below 50 on the fifth working day in a row. From Saturday, the region’s athletes can therefore expect more freedom.

Specifically, level two then takes effect in the step-by-step plan. This allows Contact sports outside with up to 25 people. Provided these have been tested and easy tracing is possible. Children and adolescents up to and including 18 years of age are allowed to train without a corona test. Contact-free sport outside is basically possible without any restrictions. Indoor athletes, on the other hand, still have to accept some restrictions: Indoor contact sports are only allowed to a group of twelve people regardless of age. And only if they bring a negative test result and a contact survey takes place. Disembodied indoor sports also require prior testing and traceability – but there is no person limit.

Fitness studios are open. In order to attend these, athletes have to show a negative test. Swimming is possible outside for up to 30 children. Inside there is a limit of 20 children. Professional swimming is linked to the rules for contact sports indoors and outdoors. Indoor and outdoor spectators are generally permitted subject to certain conditions. However, the capacity is limited to 1,000 (outside) and 500.

Further easing possible from Wednesday

If the seven-day incidence in the Gütersloh district remains stable below 35 up to and including Monday, the next easing will be on Wednesday. Then the lowest level one takes effect in the step-by-step plan. Up to 100 people can then practice contact sports outside and inside – test matches in soccer or handball would then be possible again. The step-by-step plan provides for a negative corona test for everyone involved, but only if the seven-day incidence in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is over 35. On Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute reported a value of 20.8. Our federal state has been below the threshold for about a week. There is therefore no need to test. Incidentally, also in fitness studios.

Incidentally, with all the limitations at all levels, immunized persons do not count among them. Fully vaccinated and recovered people whose corona infection was not more than six months ago are excluded.

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