Incidence BW: Corona incidence value below 100: These cities and districts are scratching the limit value for the emergency brake

  • The threats to these cities and districts in BW Emergency brake

Of the Incidence value in Baden-Wuerttemberg keep on climbing. According to information from the Robert Koch Institute, no district is still below the value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, only 14 districts were below an incidence of 100.

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Corona incidence BW: Numerous circles slide below 100 again over Easter

Compared to last week, the number of cities and counties with an incidence below 100 am Tuesday April 6th, 2021 elevated. Compared to Thursday April 1st, 2021, the Enzkreis district, Tuttlingen, the city of Karlsruhe, the Emmendingen district, the Bodenseekreis and the Waldshut district fell below the 100 mark. However, fewer reports and tests are made over Easter, which is why the numbers are not meaningful .

Corona incidence BW: Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Freiburg – Here the incidence is below 100

These cities and districts in Baden-Württemberg currently (as of April 6, 2021) have a 7-day incidence of less than 100:

  • 87.1 District of the Schwarzwald-Baar district
  • 67.5 District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald
  • 57.1 City of Freiburg i.Breisgau

Corona incidence: Karlsruhe, Rems-Murr-Kreis, Tübingen – These districts have an incidence over 100

According to the RKI, these cities and districts in Baden-Württemberg currently (as of April 6, 2021) have an incidence of over 100:

  • 278.5 Schwäbisch Hall district
  • 207.7 district of Hohenlohekreis
  • 154.1 Main-Tauber district
  • 118 District of Rems-Murr-Kreis
  • 116.2 Rhein-Neckar district
  • 115.6 Neckar-Odenwald district
  • 112 District Zollernalbkreis
  • 102 District Alb-Danube District
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Corona Ordinance BW: Emergency brake from incidence 100

A new one has been in effect since March 29, 2021 Corona regulation and thus new corona rules in Baden-Württemberg. Especially those Emergency brake should be applied more consistently. If the incidence exceeds 100 on three consecutive days, the following rules apply:

  • Closure of museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens and memorials to the public.
  • Closure of outdoor sports facilities for amateur and individual recreational sports. From March 29th, a maximum of five people from no more than two households may be active in individual sports. Children up to and including 14 years of age still do not count. Couples who do not live together are considered to be one household. Extensive outdoor facilities such as golf courses, riding facilities or tennis courts may also be used by several people who are active in individual sports, provided that the distance rules are observed.
  • The retail trade is allowed no Click & Meet to offer.
  • Closure of businesses for the provision of body-friendly services (cosmetics, nail, massage, tattoo, tanning and piercing studios, as well as cosmetic foot care facilities and similar facilities).
  • Hairdressers may remain open.
  • Art and youth art schools are only allowed to offer online offers.
  • Curfew: If, taking into account all the other protective measures taken so far, there is a significant risk to the effective containment of the spread of the coronavirus, the stay outside the apartment or other accommodation is for the period from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following day is only permitted if there are valid reasons.
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Incidence in Tübingen high despite model test – does the emergency brake apply?

Under the conditions of the Easter weekend, the Tübingen corona model experiment “Opening with safety” can continue on Tuesday, although the emergency brake is applied in the district. The city announced on Monday. The state government will decide on Tuesday whether the modified model test in Tübingen will continue beyond Tuesday, the mayor said Boris Palmer (Green).

The seven-day incidence – i.e. the number of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within one week – is 89 in the city of Tübingen and 118.5 in the district. For comparison, on March 18, the seven-day incidence in the city was 19.7.

Corona incidence Bavaria: These cities and districts have an incidence value below 100

In Bavaria, a strict emergency brake applies if an incidence of 100 is exceeded. These cities and counties are under the new rules mark.

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