Incentives and car bonuses, there is the go-ahead: all the categories provided

Incentives and auto bonuses, there is the go-ahead after the yes also of the Senate: 350 million on the plate, all categories provided

The go-ahead from the Senate, after what had already arrived from the House, marks the approval of the Sostegni bis decree, with a series of urgent measures, And among these also the measure that provides for the refinancing of state car incentives. They will have a double function: on the one hand, finally launching the green revolution in the country’s mobility. on the other, that of giving vigor to a sector in perennial crisis.


A total allocation of 350 million euros and the majority of these will be destined for newly registered cars. We are talking about 260 million euros, compared to 40 million which will cover the used car market and another 50 will be for light commercial vehicles.

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Incentives and car bonuses, here’s how the funds for purchases will be distributed

In particular for the new cars, 60 million will complement the approximately 20 million still available for vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions below 60 g / km. They are the so-called pure electric cars and rechargeable plug-ins both on tap and from the columns, but they must not exceed the cost of 50 thousand euros.

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Instead 200 million are planned for cars with emissions included between 61 and 135 g / km of CO2. In this case, therefore, we are talking about hybrid cars, but also about vehicles with latest generation petrol and diesel engines and low environmental impact. In this case, however, the buyer will have to scrap a vehicle with more than 10 years of service. And even the list price cannot exceed 40 thousand euros.

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Finally, for the second-hand market, 40 million euros will in fact be allocated to the purchase of second-hand cars, provided that their value does not exceed 25 thousand euros and they are equipped with Euro 6 engines. ‘car with at least 10 years of life.

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