Inaccurate, slow. Willow did not like the first half. Then we got better, he said

The eighth match in twenty-five days, plus a lot of wastes. Sparta has already received a demanding program and the associated inconveniences.

After being eliminated from the Champions League qualification, when she lost 1: 3 in Monaco during the week, she did not win the domestic competition for the first time in the new year.

Especially in the first half it was not possible. “There was not much football on our part, the second half was better,” Vrba agreed.

The Spartans were sealed, not looking fresh at all.

“The big difference between the first and second half was incomparable,” said Vrba.

“We lost a lot of balls, we were inaccurate in the pass, our game was terribly slow. We could have scored more than one goal. “

The second half has long been played by Sparta. She soon leveled, had more options to turn the score around. Hložek hit the crossbar.

“Our game already had its parameters. It is a pity that we have not been able to complete the offensive actions until the end. We created two or three situations from which we should have scored. We should have been calmer in the end, we had to finish it on a free player, instead we hurriedly shot, “regretted the Spartan coach.

Or they came across goalkeeper Le Gianga, who gave an extraordinary performance.

Too much chance Sparta needs to score. This is repeated in every match, the ending bothers her. “Both teams had problems with productivity, otherwise it would have ended in five or five,” said Vrba.

It didn’t help that he deployed two other Pulkrab and Minchev attackers next to Hložek.

“We wanted to turn it around, win, so we had no choice but to send other offensive players there. But it is possible that the extreme defenders already lacked strength, we have no one to spread our wings, we have a lot of wounded, “he reminded.

Höjer and the elders from Krejčí have been out of the game for a long time, and Vindheim is also injured, and he starts again on the right.

The fit is still not younger than Krejčí, another middle midfielder and Captain Dočkal will be missing for a few weeks.

“I believe that most of the marauders will be available after the national team break,” Vrba looks out in mid-September.

He already used the Szczecin stopwatch on Bohemians, which has been missing since the end of July. Panák thus remained on the bench, returning after a long injury after almost three years and a discovery for Spartan fans.

“Szczecin played regularly, he has been training with us for a long time, so we wanted to test him if he was definitely okay,” Vrba explained.

“The shot was ready, but we know what his problems were and we didn’t want him to play three matches a week.”



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