In winter.. 5 reasons for your tooth sensitivity, including colds

The winter season is associated with increased sensitivity teeth All over the world, many factors can contribute to a dental problem including cold weather, snacking, and some illnesses. Here are some reasons that can also increase your chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity during the winter season. “food-ndtv”.

Here are 5 reasons why your teeth may be more sensitive during the winter

1. Increased sugar consumption

Extra sugar increases the likelihood of gum disease and erosion of the enamel, both of which can cause tooth sensitivity. It is recommended that you avoid biting into hard candy as it can crack or shatter your teeth, exposing the fragile dentin..

2. Excessive brushing

Brushing too vigorously can do more harm than good by stripping away the protective layer of enamel and exposing the sensitive dentin underneath, she suggests brushing your teeth gently and slowly.

3 Colds and flu exacerbate tooth sensitivity

Colds, sinusitis and the flu return in winter due to the low temperature. When the sinuses become inflamed and irritated due to nasal congestion or infection, pressure is applied to the nerves in the teeth, causing discomfort and sensitivity..

4. Alcohol-related tooth damage

Carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, and other acidic liquids, such as juices, can damage teeth and expose the layer of dentin. Other poor oral health habits, such as smoking or not brushing or flossing teeth properly, can cause withdrawal the gums, exposing dentin at the gumline..

5. Gum disease

Gum disease can expose the dentin and cause pain. The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis. Some people clench or grind their teeth in their sleep. This can damage tooth enamel and cause pain. When tooth enamel wears away or gums retreat, a layer of hypersensitive teeth is exposed. For sudden changes in temperature, when this layer comes into contact with something very hot or cold, it generates a painful sensation..

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