in whose clothes Nadia shone from “The Most Charming and Attractive”

The style of the heroine is relevant today.

In the mid-80s, the legendary comedy “The Most Charming and Attractive” was released. The main role was played by Irina Muravyova, who provided the tape with a resounding success. Many viewers were tormented by the question: where did the USSR get the clothes in which Nadia flaunts after her transformation?

The film had a small budget, so it was not possible to spend huge sums on expensive things. The actors came out as best they could and played in their clothes. Thus, Nadia’s spectacular fur coat and her extravagant dresses are Muravyova’s own belongings. The only exception was Mikhail Kokshenov, who had to sew a costume for the role.

In those days, catchy things with bright colors, geometric shapes and unusual cuts were in fashion. By the way, today this style is also relevant. The heroine Muravyova did not lag behind her tendencies, but she did not always meet with the understanding of her colleagues. For example, over her pompom cap everyone was ironic: “Oleg Popov himself came to us!” However, the image of Nadia performed by Irina Muravyova turned out to be successful, and this is largely due to the excellent style of the actress.

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