In which countries does the left govern in Latin America?

Although he avoids saying whether his political group is left or right, for several analysts Nayib Bukele represented a return of the right, although not under the acronym of the ARENA party, the traditional right-wing group of the Central American country.

Also in Paraguay, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic they also have right-wing governments.

Are there center countries in Latam?

Panama and Costa Rica, the two most prosperous nations in Central America, have center-right governments.

The former has been governed since July 1, 2019 by Laurentino Cortizo, who brought the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) back to power in 2014. Although the political formation was founded as a center-left party, it has governed more with center or center-right precepts.

In Costa Rica, former Finance Minister Rodrigo Chaves won the presidency in the April elections. The party qualifies as a center, although it has proposals close to economic neoliberalism: lower taxes, support for businessmen and reports on public spending.

Both Chaves and Cortizo have been against abortion and same-sex marriage, although in Costa Rica it has already been legalized.

Latin America is on the left

In four of the five presidential elections held in the last 12 months in Latin America, the left has emerged victorious.

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