In Volyn, they complain about a neighbor having sex in the stairwell. 18+


Residents ask the authorities for help

A loving man “indulges in sin” not in his apartment, but on a common staircase. Intercourse takes place almost every day.

In Vladimir-Volynsky, a man constantly has sex on the staircase. Neighbors observing such frank scenes almost every day ask the authorities to influence the local “macho”, the newspaper writes. Prykarpattia Online.

Pavel Marhodei, a resident of house No. 63 on Polesskaya Sich Street, told about his loving neighbor.

He claims that the “sex giant” has his own home.

“An apartment with no windows and doors, no payment for a communal apartment, etc. Every day you have to see such a picture. The police are powerless, so we ask our authorities in the city of Vladimir-Volynsky to influence this person living in our house,” said a local resident tired of contemplating frequent acts of love.

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