In video: the dangerous road of the municipality of San Antonio through which its inhabitants travel

Very outraged are some inhabitants of the municipality of San Antonio, for which they have classified as a ‘scoundrel’ by the local administration, regarding the deplorable state in which one of the main access roads to the municipality that has suffered damages as a result of the heavy rains that have occurred in the area.

According to the images that the citizens sent to the Eco Noticias newsroom, it can be seen firstly how the strong torrential events have caused some collapses on the road, as well as dragged large amounts of vegetative material. In a second moment, the large size of the holes where for people who have to pass is evident, as the water reaches almost to their knees.

Faced with this situation, some inhabitants of the municipality, mostly peasants, denounce that the mayor Jorge Iván Vasquez does not allocate resources to intervene in this important road section but that he does move money for lighting and Christmas events.

It is worth mentioning that among the municipalities most affected by winter are also: Líbano, Murillo, Santa Isabel, Anzoátegui, Ataco, Planadas, Rioblanco, Chaparral, San Luis and Honda.


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