In Valle del Cauca they ask to continue vaccination against covid-19 – Cali – Colombia

At the end of the health emergency declared by the National Government in Colombia due to the covid-19 pandemic last Thursday, 4,013,527 doses of vaccines have been applied in Cali.

This number of applied biologicals is reflected in the fact that 86.5% of the population has at least one dose applied; 77.7% have the complete scheme; 44% agreed to the booster and 6.5% already have the fourth dose or second booster.

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However, the Ministry of Public Health stressed that the new coronavirus “continues to cause serious illness, leaves sequelae and even causes death. Care, mainly through vaccination, continues and will continue to be a priority for the District Administration”.

The district public health authority added that the end of the health emergency after two years implies that the epidemiological behavior of the virus no longer represents a danger of collapse for health services, as on previous occasions.

Vaccination against covid-19 in Cali will continue to be promoted both intramural (in all hospitals and health centers of the public network) and extramural, whose days are adequately informed through the social networks of the Ministry of Health.

For her part, the Secretary of Health of Valle del Cauca, María Cristina Lesmes, pointed out that the health emergency was an administrative type figure that “allowed the national, departmental and local governments to use different resources, transfer of resources from one place to another and direct contracting. It has nothing to do with the pandemic, we continue with covid-19 in the department of Valle del Cauca and personal protection measures and the vaccine.

In fact, in Valle del Cauca there are 40 people in Intensive Care Units due to covid-19, but there have been no deaths.

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Lesmes stressed that “in the department the progressive increase in cases continues and that it is necessary for citizens to wear face masks, especially in closed spaces or among those who present flu symptoms, in addition to completing vaccination schedules and accessing biological reinforcements.”

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