In Ukraine, police will begin to patrol the streets on scooters

Photo: NPU

In Uzhgorod, police were the first in Ukraine to patrol the streets on electric scooters

The Uzhgorod police did not spend a single penny from the state budget on electric scooters.

Policemen from Uzhgorod were the first in Ukraine to patrol the streets of the city on electric scooters. About this on your page on the social network Facebook on Saturday, September 11, the head of the patrol police of the Transcarpathian region, Yuri Marzenishin, said.

He stressed that there are only two scooters so far and that law enforcement officers will use them in the pedestrianized central part of the city.

The scooters were painted in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine. On top they wrote “Patrol police of Zakarpattya”.

The new transport of the city police was presented by the Uzhgorod rental company called Vevi. Its representatives on their page in Facebook noted that they will give the policemen of Uzhgorod one more scooter if they like to patrol the city center using this type of transport.

Recall that earlier in Lviv, the city government established a number of restrictions when using electric scooters and other small electric vehicles.

It was also reported that in Zaporozhye the electric scooter driver was fined 127 thousand… The court recognized the electric scooter as a vehicle and fined the driver for hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

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