in this grown woman you do not recognize the little presenter of the “Morning Star”

He hasn’t lived in Russia for a long time.

In the 90s, the whole country knew Yulia Malinovskaya, a charming girl who hosted the Morning Star program in a pair with Yuri Nikolaev.

Malinovskaya began her career as an artist at the age of 6, joining the first part of Fidget. There Nikolaev saw her. Yulia simply did not have time to “act” – she spent all her time on the set and on tour with the team.

But with age, the presenter left the program, because the 14-year-old girl stopped touching the audience.

Yulia Malinovskaya got married early – basketball player Yaroslav Korolev became her chosen one. Together with him, the star moved to the United States. The couple had twins – Nikita and Maxim. Now Malinovskaya is 37 years old: she devotes all her time to home and children and keeps a blog about sports and proper nutrition.

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