In this country, Tesla is ‘dizzy’ about building a new factory, why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Electric carmaker Tesla said Thursday it was “irritated” by administrative delays for the construction of its new dental factory outside Berlin, Germany.

Tesla is indeed having trouble building a factory in Germany for all reasons, while Indonesia is very open-handed in wanting to attract Tesla to build a factory in the country.

“Tesla has experienced firsthand how obstacles in the German authorization procedure slow down the transformation of the industry,” the company wrote in a letter to Berlin’s highest administrative court as reported. AFP.

“If these obstacles are not dealt with quickly, there is a high risk that Germany will miss its climate targets,” the company by Elon Musk added.

Tesla said Germany needed to “modernize itself” if it was to meet its target of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030.

Tesla aims to produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year at its gigafactory outside Berlin, which is scheduled to enter service in July this year.

The new site still only has a temporary construction permit, but Tesla has been authorized by local officials to start work at its own risk, pending final authorization.

Permits have been repeatedly postponed as some local environmental groups are still disputing matters such as water supply and relocation of wildlife.

But Elon Musk’s company insisted in its letter that the dental plant in Berlin should be seen as a project that “helps fight climate change”.

The automaker laid out 10 reform proposals to improve German approval procedures, including more digitization and a faster procedure for projects deemed sustainable.

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