“In these situations people always show solidarity”

The floods that occurred in Santa Rosa last Sunday, highlighted the solidarity of many pampeanos and pampeanas. One of the cases is that of Nerina Reyes Bustamante, from Rigo, who launched a collection of items and filled two vans. “There are people who need us” was the message that mobilized many people from that town and also from neighboring towns.
Riglos’s neighbor used social networks to make her contribution to the critical situation in several neighborhoods in Santa Rosa. “I made a post on Facebook and people started contacting each other and sending donations. First they were residents of the town and then they also came from Alpachiri and Anchorena, “he told LA ARENA yesterday.
Nerina, through social networks, lamented what many families were going through in the capital of the Pampas. “I put myself in his place and wanted to die, that’s why I uploaded that post,” he revealed to this newspaper.
That awareness led her to react that same night, and at 14 minutes on Monday she uploaded a message to her account. “Anyone who wants to donate clothes, shoes and blankets until Wednesday has time. We are going to collect what I receive in my salon -hairdressing-, and a neighboring couple (Pamela and Sergio) offered to take it to Santa Rosa, “he wrote.
«There are people who need us. They are having a very bad time! We always have something that we don’t use, and they need it right now. Come on, it will throw good vibes that it returns! », Added.

Immediate reaction.
Immediately the call for solidarity was answered. A few minutes later, Sandra announced: «Nerina, I also have to command». Celes also: «I join, I have to donate». And Patricia warned him: “On Wednesday morning (yesterday) I’ll bring you everything I gather here.” The first favorable reactions were followed by many more.
«In the morning people began to arrive with bags. There were clothes for adults and children, as well as footwear, also bedding and blankets. Even non-perishable merchandise. We are sending everything to two picnic areas: ‘Los Amigos Solidarios’ and ‘El Remansero’ ”, he reported.
Yesterday morning, two neighbors – Pamela and her husband Sergio, a rural worker – made a truck available. «They are from the neighborhood with these boys and we didn’t have much contact, but they found out and they came to offer transportation, I wanted to give them fuel and they told me it was a donation from their employer. It was complete with bags and boxes, “he revealed.
“And now, given people’s response, we are going to continue collecting donations until Saturday. Tomorrow we will dispatch the second batch. A boy from here, José, who is dedicated to mowing the grass and cleaning sinks, is going to take them in his car and a cart. The mobilization we achieved was very good, “he said.
The woman highlighted the spirit of collaboration that the people of Riguea have. “In these situations, people always show solidarity and mobilize. And we see that they are mostly humble people who contributed what little they could, from their hearts. Yesterday – on Wednesday – we had so many bags in my hair salon that I couldn’t work, but this is more important. Thanks to the people who contributed to help our brothers in Santa Rosa who need us! ”, Concluded Nerina.

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