In these 13 Belgian municipalities, more than one in 1000 is infected with the coronavirus

Thirteen municipalities in Belgium are experiencing a worrying contamination rate. In these cities, one in 1,000 people contracted the virus last week, experts explained at a press conference organized by the Crisis Center.

“The virus is not just Antwerp’s problem. We are seeing increases in several places, in almost all provinces, mainly in densely populated neighborhoods, with low economic status.”

Here are the 13 municipalities the experts were talking about: Wijnegem, Brakel, Borsbeek, Anvers, Etalle, Dison, Montigny-le-Tilleul, Beyne-Heusay, Boom, Lokeren, Verviers, Niel and Galmaarden.

Note that other municipalities are very close to this alarming incidence rate. This is the case for Saint-Nicolas (Li├Ęge), Aubange, Ohey and Ranst, in particular.

Finally, it should be remembered that, in the count specific to Sciensano, which focuses in particular on the cumulative incidence observed by locality, some small, sparsely populated municipalities can quickly “flash” like alarming entities on the map of the territory despite a low number of residents who test positive. We detail this point on cumulative incidence more explicitly here.

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