In the video .. Nostalgia George Wassouf is not able to prevent the Boss even under the Corona


The artist George Wassouf had revived yesterday its first “online” concert by witness “VIP”, and it came among the summer season parties that the stars revive from inside their homes or private theaters after the spread of Corona virus.

George came saying that the Coruna epidemic “ruined the world” and wished for well-being for all, and stated that he could not prevent his fans from peace or kiss him even if he was in conditions of the spread of the virus, and he added that he was not leaving his home frequently because of that, adding: “I was Out of house to house. ”

Saying: “I cannot say to anyone who wants to kiss me when he sees me no .. This epidemic that came to us and his name is Corona is from my point of view anger from God, and I was in the first period I was living in my city in Kafroun in Syria and see the hour of time I walk and then return to my home, I was always in touch with people and heard something that happened from the news. ”

From a period of some rumors spread confirming the marriage of singer George Wassouf to the Syrian artist Ghada Bashour, after the spread of a photo of their gathering, but she immediately denied this.

A while ago, news of George’s infection with Corona virus spread and denied this news, and wrote on his account “Facebook”: “I wish the decent press to verify the information before publishing it or transferring it from one site to another. IM in good health “


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