In the USA, they talked about the preparation for the third world war

The US Air Force regularly holds Red Flag exercises.

The United States is preparing for war / Flickr Photo / The National Guard

The United States Air Force faithfully reproduces the large-scale air warfare of the great powers.

Read alsoUS Army wants new Arctic all-terrain vehicleAbout this in the article for The National Interest said columnist Chris Osborne who suggested that in this way America is preparing for a third world war.

He noted that the United States Air Force regularly conducts Red Flag exercises, in which attacking forces are presented as a complex set of interrelated variables, threats and problems that are typical for real combat.

The author also cites a US Air Force report which states that Red Flag’s goal is to prepare the military for “multi-domain” warfare.

“Aerial combat tactics remain the main focus of the Red Flag exercise scenarios, but they also take into account the threats that may appear in space and cyberspace. Thus, the armed forces must be ready to react and overcome any enemy obstacles, ”the document says.

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