In the USA, hundreds of birds died. They behaved strangely, cars broke down in unmarried sweat Svt

Santa Fe (Nov Mexiko, USA) Scientists in New Mexico are trying to drink to their fathers, because in recent weeks, hundreds of tanch birds have died in various areas of this state in the southwestern United States. CNN informs about it on its website.


It’s really terrible, said Martha Desmondov, a biologist at Novomexick Sttn University. It’s about statistics, even millions of dead birds, she added. People first saw a large number of dead birds on August 20 in a national park and nearby military area in southern New Mexico. Only hundreds of dead birds have been found in other cities in this US state, as well as in Mexico, Texas and Colorado.

Bn people and biologists claim that birds behaved strangely before death. According to Desmondov, there were a lot of lethargism and they did not react to the usual stimuli, they were also hit by cars in unmarried sweat. On a golf hit, the people noticed the peas that sat on the ground and allowed people to approach them.

One of the monch pins, for birds in large sweats to die, can be pore in California and other western states of the USA. It is possible that the birds flew two because of them, they were not ready for it, they did not have enough fat. The witnesses do not rule out that they were fascinated by the smoke that had sunk their shoulders.

Biologists from New Mexico killed the birds by half for autopsy in a specialized laboratory in Oregon, but for a week now, it will not be all about their death.

Scientists are sounding the alarm in the United States and Canada. In this world, there are currently three billion more than in 1970, their number has fallen by 29 percent.


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