In the USA, a child found a mastodon tooth in a nature reserve – photo and video

A six-year-old boy from Michigan discovered the fossilized tooth of a mastodon, an ancient mammal that lived in North and Central America and became extinct during the last ice age, about 11,000 years ago.

About it writes dailymail.

The boy made the discovery while walking with his family at the Dinosaur Hill Sanctuary in Rochester Hills.

“I just felt something on my leg and grabbed it and it felt like a tooth,” Julian Gagnon said.

The fossil is about the same size as a human hand.

Gagnon thought he would receive a monetary reward for his discovery, but this did not happen. “At first I thought I would get the money. I was going to get a million dollars. It’s so embarrassing right now, “added Gagnon.

Experts from the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology have confirmed that the fossilized tooth does indeed belong to a mastodon.

We wrote earlier that archaeologists have found the remains of the “king of the dinosaurs”.



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