In the US, an SUV rammed a Christmas parade. 18+


In Wisconsin, a lot of people were injured as a result of a car hitting a holiday convoy

The video shows how the car in front of hundreds of spectators at full speed crashes into a column of musicians from behind.

In the American city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, November 21, a car flew into the Christmas procession, knocking down its participants, informs local TV channel CBS58.

As indicated, after the accident, shots rang out at the scene. As a result, a large number of people were injured. At the same time, the media does not provide data on the dead.

Law enforcement officers are evacuating spectators and participants in the procession.

The videos posted by Twitter users show how the SUV, in front of hundreds of people, including many children, crashes into a convoy of musicians at full speed from behind, rams people and continues on its way without stopping.

Also in the social network, with reference to the police, it is reported that at least one person died, more than 20 were injured. The identity of the driver has been established. Previously, he was intoxicated.

ATTENTION! Video 18+

Earlier in the Lviv region, a truck drove into a grocery store, resulting in the death of four people.

In Belarus, a car drove into a crowd of young people

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