In the United States, an entire stadium hangs over the fate of a cat

UNITED STATES – It was probably the highlight of this American football game. While the Miami Hurricanes faced the Appalachian State Mountaineers of North Carolina, this Saturday, September 11, an element outside the game came to prevail.

A little black and white cat has indeed disturbed the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The local media could not provide more explanation as to why he was there. Still, all eyes were no longer on the stadium but on the upper stands.

Suspended in the void, hung desperately on a cable, the feline which seemed frightened could not stand up with the strength of its paws. Below him, fans were bustling and panicking. This was without relying on the practicality of a couple, Craig and Kimberly Cromer, we learn from a local media outlet, who used the American flag to support they had to make it a rescue shock absorber. when the cat would fall.

The little animal after a bounce on the star-spangled banner escaped unharmed. And was brandished, like Simba in The Lion King in front of the jubilant spectators.

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