In the south, the enemy is eliminated from all borders: the APU

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The military does not report on the progress of the counter-offensive in the south

There are heavy battles in the Kherson region, but the military leadership does not reveal their results.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are knocking out invaders from all southern lines, the head of the Southern Defense Forces Joint Coordination Press Center, Natalya Gumenyuk, said Friday.

“Indeed, we are fighting quite heavy battles, quite significant enemy forces are fighting us. The enemy continues to use counter battery combat, as there is no strength and motivation to enter into an open confrontation,” he said.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to eliminate the enemy from all lines. “They keep their distance and for those reinforced concrete structures that they have equipped on the defense lines. Eliminated from the first line of defense, they cling to the second and third, where it is stronger and safer. But we are doing everything so that it does not they don’t catch on there either, “Gumenyuk said.

The representative of the Ukrainian armed forces again urged not to prematurely disseminate information on the liberation of the territories and the bombing of certain objects.

“Under the conditions of hybrid warfare, such information is extremely harmful and the enemy does not sleep, hear, see and control everything … On the information front, even the population that is still under occupation continues to be prosecuted … We want prepare the maximum springboard for our joy, what we are doing loves silence “, he stressed.

According to Gumenyuk, in the south, the invaders are confused due to the defeat of the command posts, the officers and the inability to carry weapons and ammunition.

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“The process has already started when the occupants give up. Maybe it’s not as massive as we would like. But we have to understand that on the other hand, some brain and psychological processing continues with the staff. They are trying to create rotations to remove the most demoralized. “Lower down, there to do their crafting, and then bring them to the front line. All of this is done quite finely. Because there is little time, “she said.

Gumenyuk recalled the enemy’s problems with logistics and command.

“They cannot provide protective gear, weapons and ammunition to the front line due to damaged logistics. They do not have a certain number of commanders, as the command posts have been hit. The officers have been hit. We are trying to take advantage of their period. of such a certain confusion to carry out our plans “, – he said.

According to the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, a number of units of the occupation army in the Kherson region received the order to staff retreat on the left bank of the Dnieperusing for this small boats – motor boats hijacked in the surrounding villages.

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