in the shopping center 50 out of 120 have lowered the shutters

MESTRE Now there is no trace of Auchan, except for some faded advertising signs along the streets of the Aev Terraglio area and in the center of Master, now it is Conad who commands the large building in front of Terraglio Uno, the yellow building that was the first settlement in that area. Conad, however, will also close, only temporarily for a month, but it will. It opened the doors of the internal hypermarket in the center just ten days ago but it is an opening that serves to ferry the structure until after the Christmas holidays because, after the New Year, in mid-January, the business will return to close its doors because it will be restructured and modernized according to the most current commercial criteria. It will be closed for a month, and will reopen completely renovated in mid-February.


And it will be only the first step of the overall operation designed to restore appeal to the entire shopping center just outside Mestre which now has over twenty years of life on its back having been inaugurated on 19 September 1995. And it will have to be a profound renovation because Lando, a few hundred meters as the crow flies, is running to build its new hypermarket right next to the Castellana roundabout of the ring road. And also because the entire shopping arcade which, in addition to Conad, has space for 120 shops of all kinds arranged on two floors, on the upper floor is almost completely empty, with the shutters lowered, both those of the former Auchan (which above the food supermarket housed household goods, clothing, appliances and electronics), and those of other businesses. In total, out of 120 store spaces, around fifty have closed their doors, making the upper part a desert interspersed with some light that indicates the presence of an open commercial establishment.

This is why the Conad consortium will not be alone in the renovation of the structure but will work side by side with Cushman & Wakefield which since August 1st manages the entire shopping center with the aim of relaunching it. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the largest private companies in the world real estate market that makes more than 400 million square meters in over 60 countries, structures that host brands such as Printemps, Le Coq Sportif, Primark, H&M, Starbucks. The Group has the task of making the Porte di Mestre center again attractive in which Conad operates, which took over the business from Auchan in mid-May 2019 and is still negotiating to buy the real estate property precisely because it first wants to see the the rest of the gallery (of Enpam, the national insurance and assistance body for doctors and dentists), reborn and then return to profitability and consequently production also for the hypermarket. Cushman & Wakefield is an international group that operates a bit all over the world, Conad is a consortium of entrepreneurs (stands for National Consortium of Retailers) that in the Veneto area has entrusted the management of its centers to the Independent Merchants Cooperative, and its managers they are dressed like workers and spend their days inside the hypermarket. Two different types of management that must find common ground on which to work to ensure that new traders, from various product sectors, from the first months of next year, return to rent spaces and settle down, filling up again, a little at a time, also the upstairs gallery. In the meantime, to begin with, at the roundabout at the Porta Marghera entrance, in the southern part of the shopping center, the bar on the border with the Conad hypermarket will change its skin because it will become a self-service with a bar but also a restaurant.

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