In the Russian Federation they started talking about a repetition of the Cuban missile crisis

There is still time to avert a crisis between the Russian Federation and the United States, they say in Moscow

If tensions between the United States and Russia continue to grow, this could lead to a repeat of the crisis, Moscow believes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry declares the threat of a repeat of the Caribbean crisis scenario due to tense relations with the United States, writes Interfax Thursday, December 9th.

“You know, it can come to this completely. If everything continues as it goes, it is quite possible, according to the logic of the development of events, to suddenly wake up and see yourself in something similar,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, it will be “a failure of diplomacy and foreign policy.” “But there is still time,” the diplomat added.

We will remind, on December 7, negotiations were held between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. What did they agree on read the material

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