In the private sanatorium in Holice there are 102 clients nakaench covidem-19. The virus is especially different when singing together Home

Holice In the private Sanatorium Topas in Holice in the Pardubice region, 102 people became infected with covid-19, both clients and employees. The course of the disease is moderate in all cases. The governor of the Pardubice region, Martin Netolick (SSD), said a dramatic turn to the clients of the sanatorium from the total sweat on Sunday evening. He confirmed the information of the esk television. The owner of the sanatorium refused to leave.


Without comment, said the owner of the sanatorium Alexander Kuera to the question of TK and hung up.

The first infections were confirmed in the procession on Thursday, the test room started, and during the weekend their sweats increased to 102. So far, no hospitalization was necessary for one of the indicated cases, the course of the disease is moderate. Zazen is relatively isolated from the public, also not endangered by the environment. From the 3rd of there there were questions about the business, the regime did not say in this sense, said Netolick. The firefighters will be completely disinfected with zazen.

According to Netolicki, the disease in the sanatorium spread during the music therapy that the clients took part in. It is not possible with certainty that the infection was brought by those who performed music therapy. When clients sang, probably in an enclosed space, the disease spread, Netolick said.

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The disease spread similarly, especially in the private home of the Bernek pensioner in Pice in the Trutnov region in the Krumlov region. According to hygienists, the source of the infection in the oven was probably the death of two music therapists at the end of August. Sick hygienists first found out about them and in the following days for clients and workers at home. Gradually, the disease spread to the wheels. On Thursday, the 10th, there were 45 cases in the home in the oven, of which 31 were clients and 14 employees.

The Pardubice region offered the city personal protective equipment and aids from the regional material reserves. Zazen works, clients care, Netolick said.

The governor wants to call in the army

I know who drank in contact with nakaenmi was quarantined. According to the governor, it was not necessary to call the army to help in the sanatorium. It is a private zazen, it is the responsibility of the founder. I don’t know yet that the army should be free, said Netolick.

The Topas Sanatorium in Holice is a home with a special regime specialized for people with chronic mental illness. The target group is people with various types of organic mental disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and various types of dementia, their situation requires the help of another person. The accommodation client is in single, double and bunk rooms with their own bathroom. The total capacity is 185 drugs, see the website of the sanatorium.

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According to the Regional Hygienic Station in Pardubice, 1318 orders have been confirmed since the arrest of the pandemic in the Pardubice Region on Sunday 18:00. The current number of sick patients was 618, the largest, 247, in the Pardubice district. There were 172 active cases in the Svitavy region, 111 in the Chrudim region and 88 in the Orlicko region. 687 were out of the disease until Sunday, and 13 people in the region died in connection with coronavirus in the region, according to recent data from regional hygienists.



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