In the last 24 hours: Nearly 2,000 detainees and 1 million permits issued report | National

This Sunday Carabinieri He gave figures related to the health crisis during the last day, accounting for people who were deprived of their liberty, except for the delivered safeguards and permits provided from Saturday, June 27 to June 28 at 06:00.

At the national level, 1,977 people were deprived of their liberty on the last day, 180 of them for violation of the curfew —15 in the Metropolitan region and 165 in regions—, while 1,797 for violation of sanitary quarantine —989 in Metropolitan region and 808 in regions.

In this sense, since March 19, 2020 se has cumulatively deprived 32,326 people of liberty for trespassing, while 91,089 have been deprived of liberty for violation of the health quarantine.

On the delivery of safe-conducts, 90 were provided in person in the Metropolitan region and 1,832 in regions. Meanwhile, through the virtual platform, 4,246 were delivered in RM and 2,342 in regions.

In relation to temporary permits issued in the last 24 hours, the authorities granted 1,043,158. The main reasons are: Purchases (913,229); Delivery of supplies to older adults (47,207); and Health Centers.


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