In the Kiev region, a child without clothes wandered the streets of the city

Photo: NPU

The child was noticed by passers-by and called the police

While the little boy wandered the streets alone, his mother drank alcohol.

In the Kiev region, in the city of Belaya Tserkov, a naked 2-year-old boy wandered through the streets. This was announced on Tuesday, September 21, by the NPU, Kiev region.

According to law enforcement officers, the baby was noticed in one of the courtyards of an apartment building. Eyewitnesses called the police. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and wrapped the child in warm clothes.

It turned out that the boy’s mother locked the child alone in the apartment and went to a meeting with her friends in a cafe. The child woke up and saw that he was alone in the apartment, opened the door on his own and went outside to look for his mother, where passers-by noticed him. At the same time, the child was barefoot and with a pacifier in his mouth.

Law enforcers tracked down the boy’s mother. Juvenile police officers drew up a protocol against her under Part 1 of Article 184 (Failure by parents or persons replacing them to fulfill the duties of raising children) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Juvenile prevention workers removed the child from the mother and sent the boy to the children’s hospital. Doctors examine him. It is known that the boy has already shown signs of a cold.

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