In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian armed forces innovative 50 km – Normal Staff

The staff of the occupation troops in civilian apparel vacation resort to desertion and test to return to the territory of the Russian Federation, experiences the typical workers.

The Typical Employees of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a summary of the Russian navy invasion on Friday early morning, 9 September.

The enemy concentrated his initiatives on developing comprehensive manage of the territory of the Donetsk area, retaining the temporarily captured places of Kherson, sections of the Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Nikolaev locations.

On the last day, the enemy introduced 45 air strikes and 5 missiles, such as the settlements of Konstantinovka, Tsirkuny, Radushnoye, Kharkov. There are civilian casualties.

In the direction of Seversk, the depth of the enemy’s bombing has considerably lowered. In other directions, the enemy continued the ferocious defeat on military and civilian objects of Ukraine:

in the route of Kharkiv – in the areas of the settlements Udy, Sosnovka, Duvanka, Tsupovka, Prudyanka, Dementievka, Bolshie Prohody, Pitomnik, Russkie Tishki, Petrovka, Pobeda, Bayrak and Konstantinovka

in the Slavic direction – close to the valley, Krasnopolye, Slavyansk and Nikolsky

in the path of Kramatorsk – in the places of the settlements of Bogorodichnoye, Novonikolaevka, Serebryanka, Seversk, Verkhnekamenskoye, Ivano-Daryevka, Controversial, Razdolevka and Grigorovka

in the path of Bakhmut – around Yakovlevka, Soledar, Bakhmutsky, Bakhmut, Vesela Dolina, Zaitsev, New York and Veselo

in the direction of Avdeevsky – in the districts of Kamenka, Avdeevka, Pervomaisky, Vodyanoye and Professional

in the Novopavlovsky course – in close proximity to Maryinka, Praskoveevka, Novomikhailovka, Velyka Novoselka, Novoukrainka, Prechistovka and Nikolsky

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in the route of Zaporozhye – in the spots of the Novopol settlements, Vremovka, Poltavka, Zheleznodorozhnoye, Krasnoe, Novoandreevka and Orekhov

in the way of Yuzhnobuzh – in the locations of the settlements of Arkhangelskoye, Novovoznesenskoye, Mirolyubovka, Novovoskresenskoye, Belogorka, Novogrigorovka, Shevchenkovo, Lyubomirovka, Ternovye Pody, Stepnaya Dolina, Mirnoye, Olgino and Aleksky.

“In connection with the offensive of our troops in some parts of the Kherson location, the models of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are switching to methods of terrorist steps in opposition to area civilians. So, in accordance to obtainable information, in the village of Velikaya Aleksandrovka , the occupiers use the nearby inhabitants as a “human shield.” The settlement is shut to entry and exit, “the workers stated in a assertion.

It is claimed that the units of the defense forces heroically maintain their positions and do not let the advance of the enemy: the enemy offensive was successfully repelled in the spots of the settlements of Udy, Konstantinovka, Vernopolye, Plosk, Mayorsk, Bezymyannoye and Kamenka.

“The defense forces are conducting a effective counter-offensive in the course of Kharkiv. Many thanks to skilful and coordinated actions, the Ukrainian armed forces, with the support of the regional population, have highly developed virtually 50 km in 3 days. According to intelligence, individual enemy units have suffered significant casualties. The invaders are making an attempt to evacuate wounded staff and harmed military services devices in the settlement spots of Olkhovatka and Borodoyarskoye. Profession Forces staff in civilian apparel resort to desertion and try to return to the territory of the Russian Federation. In the course of the day, extra than 15 very similar situations were recorded “, reviews the Standard Staff.

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The missile forces and artillery of our floor groupings carry on to carry out the beat tasks of counter battery, disruption of the command and handle technique and logistical aid, destruction of enemy manpower and armed forces gear.

“On the final day, to aid the steps of the ground groups, the aircraft of the Protection Forces carried out additional than 20 attacks, hit two platoon strongholds, 15 regions of concentration of manpower and military services tools, 3 anti-plane missile methods. Four UAVs and a Ka-52 helicopter have been destroyed. Reduction of manpower the enemy was specified “, reports the spokesman of the Standard Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Recall that on Thursday 8 September President Volodymyr Zelensky posted a online video with Ukrainian fighters who report on getting manage of the metropolis of Balakliya Kharkiv location.

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