In the gallery ‘Room’ there will be an exhibition of Pyotr Kirjuša-instagram series ‘#mezs’

From April 12 to 19, the exhibition “#mezs” by Pyotr Kirjuša will be on display in the gallery “Istaba”. In February of this year, the first publication of the instagram series “#mezs: лес” in IGTV format started on the Instagram profile of the production company “katlz.riga”. The exhibition will be a documentary and artistic fixation of the moments of the creation of this project, it will be possible to view it through the gallery shop windows, while in special evening screenings by prior appointment you will be able to visit the theater binoculars to see the details better. The actors involved in the series will take part in the exhibition.

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The Instagram series “#mezs: лес” is the first multi-series online work based on a play by a modern playwright. Russian playwright Polina Borodin wrote the play “Forest” for the experimental theater laboratory in Krasnoyarsk last summer. A series of monologues of the characters, in which the story of a missing student is told, leads the investigator and also the viewer from one witness to the next, from one recording on the phone to another. Gradually it turns out that the girl lived among people who did not know her at all. The investigator begins to better understand and evaluate him through indirect information.

The series is planned and created by director Liena Šmukste, artist Pjotr ​​Kirjuša, producer Jevgenija Šermeņeva. Actors of the series: Valentīns Novopoļskis, Guna Zariņa, Sandija Dovgāne, Anatolijs Fečins, Jūlija Berngardte, Ivan Streļcovs, Jana Ļisova and Andris Keišs. The main feature of the series is the recording format of each series – only smartphones are used, actors independently record their own audio monologues, which, assembled with visual material, differ in each series, not illustrating the plot directly, but creating an atmosphere.

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The artist Pjotr ​​Kirjuša is filming, photographing and drawing in this project. The exhibition in the gallery “Room” will become a documentary evidence of the series creation process. It is a time zone in which two lines of the artist’s life take place in parallel – creative and everyday. The viewer will be able to follow the plot of the project creation and compare it with the events in the artist’s life, in a sense become the main ego of the series – the investigator’s alter ego.

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