In the footsteps of Erdogan. In Croatia, the president wants to block the path of Finland and Sweden to NATO – news from Ukraine, World

Following Turkey Croatian President Zoran Milanovic also threatened to block the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO for the sake of regional interests. He stated this at a press conference, writes

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The domestic political conflict between Milanovic and Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic leads to constant accusations against each other, the newspaper notes. Contrary to the position of the government, which advocated the membership of these northern countries in the Alliance, Milanovic intends to “give instructions” to the permanent representative to NATO, Mario Nobilo vote againstuntil amendments are made to the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the president, the Croats in Bosnia are “politically destroyed under the leadership of Plenkovic,” and therefore Croatia, like Turkey before, supposedly must put forward its own demands, taking advantage of the fact that consent is needed for NATO expansion all member countries.

“Croats are not enough. That’s why Croatia signed the Dayton Accords to protect the Croats,” he said, adding that he “will not allow the country to be brought to its knees.”

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Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlich-Radman was told earlier that the president is harming Croatia in the international arena with his harsh statements and “blackmail”. They believe that Nobilo should follow the instructions of the Foreign Ministry, and not Milanovic.

The latter, however, said that he would call on Parliament not to ratify the agreement on the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO, and announced that he would send a letter to the Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg.

“I don’t know what will happen to the negotiations with the Turks, but they definitely won’t get up unhappy from the table. We must fight for our interests. Croats in Bosnia are more important to me than the entire Russian-Finnish border. I am a small, selfish Croatian statesman,” he added.

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According to Milanovich, the war in Ukraine also “is not an acute problem for us.” Plenkovich previously called the president “a manipulator with pro-Russian views.”

Since the constitution was amended in 2010, the President of Croatia has carried out mainly ceremonial functions, as well as leadership of the army and diplomacy.

  • In NATO considerthat the member countries of the Alliance will respond positively to possible membership applications Finland and Sweden, and with Turkey it will be possible to find a consensus.

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