In the First World War, Russia attacked Bulgaria in the rear

The Empire thwarts all our attempts at national unification

At the beginning of the 20th century, Bulgaria continued to be exposed to the blows of Russian diplomacy. Even under the new Emperor Nicholas II, the Northern Empire had an open anti-Bulgarian policy.

Then it is focused on the goal of not allowing a new Union with the rest of the Bulgarian lands under Ottoman rule. Its content was summarized by the Russian ambassador in Constantinople, Zinoviev, who said:

Russia’s policy is that Macedonia will never become Bulgarian”.

For this purpose, he exerts pressure to replace the Bulgarian bishops in Macedonia with Serbian ones. In 1902 he was elected Serbian bishop in Skopje. The Russian attitude towards the Ilinden-Preobrazhensky Uprising is also particularly negative.

The Russian government sends a special note to the Bulgarian government warning it not to interfere in the upcoming uprising.

See what we read in it – HERE!

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