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Prague In the Czech Republic, 19 people died on Wednesday with a new epidemic of the new coronavirus, no later than one day after the epidemic. On Thursday, Pibyla gave you dead for a total of 567 falls. Laboratoe in the Czech Republic unveiled 2309 new nakaench on Wednesday. The square was hit by a 1286 case, which is the highest finger since the last quarter. It follows from the current data on the website of the Ministry of Health.


Since the arrest, 142 people have died with coronavirus, half of them in the last seven days. In August, 45 people died with covid and 35 in July. The ministry notes that the statistics include all people who tested positive for covid-19, regardless of how the pins were dead.

According to the latest data from the Ministry, there are 670 patients with coronavirus in hospitals, of which 131 are in tkm condition. Both data are the highest since the epidemic arrest in the Czech Republic. Since the arrest, the number of hospitalized animals has increased almost threefold; in this state, about a few people have not been met.

The Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES) stated in the Wednesday that in hospitals it is necessary to involve capacities that are not yet reserved for patients with covid-19. The number of hospitalized is growing and, for example, the number of ventilators in Prague hospitals is full, according to him.

The new type of coronavirus was first confirmed in the Czech Republic at the current arrest. Since then, tests have confirmed the disease of covid-19 in 56,747 people. The dark half of the nakaench recovered. The current number of patients is 28,933.

The worst situation is in the capital

In the last seven days, the worst situation is in Prague and its immediate surroundings. In the district of Prague-entrance there are about 220 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in the capital there 212 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The third worst region in the past seven days is the district of Pilsen-city, where laboratories have revealed 186 nakaenches per 100,000 inhabitants. The district with more than 100 infestations per 100,000 cases is currently about 30 in the Czech Republic. Within two weeks it will be all red, ekl.

The Ministry of Health has taken extraordinary measures due to the infection. From Thursday, the restaurant and bar must be closed from 22:00 until 06:00. The number of girls at outdoor sports and cultural events is thus limited to 2,000, at indoor to 1,000 seats in terms of events with more than one sector. Both measures are then set aside for two weeks. Outdoor wall events can only take place for up to 50 people, in addition to the payment of internal wall events for more than ten people. Exceptions are meetings of state bodies, courts, exhibitions or markets and trade fairs.



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