In the coming weeks seven large rapid test streets will be set up in the Netherlands

There are high expectations for the rapid tests. While with a normal corona test it takes at least 24 hours before you get the result, with a rapid test the result can sometimes be known within a minute. Many rapid tests are in development, and they are often still widely available to the government.

A lot of time can therefore be saved by setting up rapid test lines. According to insiders, soldiers will be trained in the coming period to build the test streets and will then also man them.


Various types of rapid tests are being developed in our country. The results of a number of them are promising. The so-called LAMP test, developed by TNO, has been used in a laboratory in Amsterdam since last week. This test gives the results within 45 minutes to an hour and is just as reliable as the usual PCR test.

Minister De Jonge of Public Health said last week that this rapid test would be the first to be used on a large scale. It is still unknown which tests will actually be used in the rapid test lanes. The question is also whether everyone will be able to use the rapid test streets.

The Ministry of Health is working on a strategy to determine who can use which rapid test. More should become clear about this early next week.

Breathalyzer and antigen test

The Breathomix breathalyzer, another rapid test, gives a result much faster. This test checks whether the air someone exhales shows the presence of the corona virus. The device gives an immediate result. This means that people who are not infected can be immediately removed from the test street.

And then there are five ‘antigen tests’ that are currently being validated. These tests measure the presence of certain virus proteins and give a result within 15 minutes.

Both tests could work as a first barrier: with a negative test you can go home, a positive test could then be checked again with a regular PCR test.

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