In the cinema: Channing Tatum accompanies a dog on her last road trip

published24. May 2022, 19:13

Tatum makes his directorial debut with «Dog», while also playing the leading role. He was inspired by his own road trip with a pet.

Former soldier Jackson Briggs (Channing Tatum) wants to run away from the trauma that has haunted him since brain surgery – but has to realize that repression doesn’t help the psyche. He is unhappy with his job in a fast-food restaurant and wants to go back into the military at all costs.

When he is actually ordered, he is said to be Lulu’s chauffeur – a Belgian shepherd whose owner (also a soldier) has died.
Jackson’s assignment: In order to bring Lulu to Arizona for the funeral service, he starts a road trip along the coast.

Lulu cannot be tamed

What sounds like a relaxed journey becomes a test of nerves. Lulu is boisterous and aggressive, biting car seats and snatching the water bottle from Jackson’s hand.

No one manages to find a relationship with her – even Jackson comes to his limits.

Channing Tatum’s directorial debut

It’s Tatum’s first directorial effort, and he co-wrote the screenplay with “Magic Mike” producer Reid Carolin. It was inspired by a road trip Tatum took with his own dog, who passed away in 2018.

“Our life was an adventure,” he says in “Showbizjunkies”. “It was lighthearted and funny, hilarious and sometimes crazy. And that’s the kind of story we wanted to tell, so that’s the direction we took.”

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