In the capital’s botanical garden, a woman was beaten with a bat

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In Kiev, a man in a botanical garden attacked a woman with a stroller

The first aid was provided to the woman by a casual passer-by, then the workers of the botanical garden came running to the place of the emergency.

In Kiev, in the Grishko Botanical Garden, at about 11 am, an unknown man attacked a woman who was walking with a stroller. At the same time, he struck her several blows with a bat and ran away. About this on Wednesday, October 13, at Instagram said the victim’s daughter Olga Koreshkova.

According to her, an unknown assailant attacked her mother from behind and severely hit her head several times. At the same time, the child who was with the woman was not injured. The woman works as a nanny.

The girl said that deep impact marks were left on her mother’s head. the hat saved her from more dire consequences.

“She did not remember the man’s face, he was in a hood. He was athletic, tall and pumped up,” Olga Koreshkova said in an interview. For the informant.

The woman was hospitalized. She is being helped.

After the attack, the police bypassed the botanical garden, but did not find the attacker on the Kiev woman.

The informant added that a similar incident occurred in the same botanical garden several years ago.

Recall that in Odessa, law enforcement officers detained a foreigner who was at a public transport stop on the street. Ekaterininskaya cut a girl and a man with a knife.

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