In Switzerland, the dream of owning a home is falling more and more often

The Raiffeisen Group believes that the fact that fewer and fewer households can afford their own home in Switzerland is problematic. Home ownership should not become the privilege of a few.

Those who live in their own home save a lot of money. However, fewer and fewer households meet the criteria to be able to buy one.

Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ

In Switzerland, there are comparatively strict rules when it comes to financing home ownership: banks are only allowed to grant mortgages to customers who have at least 20% equity, only half of which may be pension fund money. Prospective homeowners also have to earn enough to be able to pay the mortgage interest even if it were to rise to 5%. It has also been mandatory since 2014 that mortgages that account for more than 66% of the lending value must be amortized linearly within 15 years. At the beginning, the financing may not exceed 80% of the estimated value.

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