In Strasbourg, residents powerless against drug dealers

“Fights, trafficking and theft” have plagued several sectors of the vast station district for months.

After Lyon and Marseille, will Gérald Darmanin land in Strasbourg? An opposition municipal councilor has just alerted, by letter, the minister on “street fights, the monopolization of public space, intimidation, theft, trafficking” who have been rotting the lives of the inhabitants of several sectors of the vast station district for months. In one year, the elected official has questioned the environmentalist mayor, Jeanne Barseghian, four times, relaying the exasperation of the residents. “In vain. Ideology takes precedence over common sense, blocking the deployment of video surveillance”, tackles the elected official who is in contact with the collectives of inhabitants. That of the Karl-Ferdinand Braun square, a few steps from the School of Architecture, began a showdown with the dealers.

Le Figaro

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