In Spain, the death of extreme sportsmen was filmed. 18+

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The death of two extreme lovers in Spain

The girl jumped off the cliff into the raging sea and was washed away by the wave. A friend tried to save her, but both died

In Spain, an extreme girl, trying to repeat the feat of her friend from Russia, jumped off a cliff into a raging sea. He tried to save her, but both died. The wife of the deceased filmed everything on video. The recording of the incident was published by the Telegram channel Mash.

“Danila Gagarin worked as a fitness trainer in Torrevieja. He often went to the sea on the Costa Blanca, his wife filmed a video of him jumping off the rocks. This time they took a friend from Finland with them. She threw herself into the water in a storm and could not swim out, “the channel says.

Danila jumped into the sea after the girl and was almost able to pull her out. But then the wave washed away both. Their bodies were found only a few days later.

Attention! Video 18+

Earlier it was reported that in Kryvyi Rih, two extreme men fell into the vent abandoned mine in the Saksagan region and perished.

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