In short: the leaked GTA 6 source code is a big deal

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– We have a work week that will be marked a massive leak from Grand Theft Auto 6. The hacker claims to have source codes and resources of GTA 5 and trial versions of GTA 6 (10 thousand lines of code!). They say it’s the same person a few days ago hacknul Uber. In the meantime, she has posted 90 short clips on the internet and we we are witnessing the biggest leak in the world of video games. Among other things, he confirms that the main characters are a man and a woman.

– Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, via his sources on Rockstar, has confirmed this the huge loss indeed comes from Grand Theft Auto 6. In particular, it is a first development version. He wrote that this is a nightmare for Rockstar Games. After He added, that there are several reasons why this is a nightmare for Rockstar. A loss of this magnitude will interrupt your work for a while. It can also lead management to limit the flexibility of working from home.

– Many fear delays due to the loss of source code. Because hackers can easily create cheats and backdoors. When it happened once with Half-Life 2, Valve delayed the game by a year and redone a lot of things. Will this be the case in GTA 6?

– According to the statement, he was a hacker surprised by the interest in the clips of the trial version of GTA 6. He probably never heard of Grand Theft Auto in his life if he didn’t expect this 😀 However, he wished to be contacted by someone from Rockstar or Take-Two saying they wanted to make a deal. Maybe the creator wants to blackmail him into releasing the source code and things like that (he claims he has a lot more).

– You look a little anonymous purchased the source code of GTA 5 for 5 bitcoins. In conversion we are talking about an amount of about 100 thousand US dollars. In crowns, that’s over 2.4 million.

Apparently he’s trying now sell Source code and resources of GTA 5 and some documents on GTA 6. It is rumored that the source code of GTA 6 itself is not for sale at this time.

– Leak presumably it comes from the studio Rockstar Toronto. Some They expectthat all this will force Rockstar to speed up communication, to release the first trailer first, to finally show the game … What do you think?

– The game has been tested on various versions of PC and console. We see at least the GeForce GTX 1080, 2080 Super and 3080 graphics cards, as well as PS4. This version of GTA 6 may be over four years old.

– Take-Two started today (9/18) in the afternoon away DMCA remove videos from YouTube and Twitter.

Paweł Saskoforeman for Cyberpunk 2077self scary thoughtswhat the people of Rockstar are going through right now. “Years of work are broken down, disassembled, analyzed, misunderstood, taken out of context and memes. A vicious circle that the gaming industry knows all too well.” writes Saxony and calls for people not to get involved in the leak.

Neil Druckman by Naughty Dog before release The last of us part 2 he also had to contend with a major departure from his game. To the Rockstar developers He saysthat even if she feels overwhelmed right now, it will pass. “Someday we’ll play your game, appreciate your skill, and the leaks will be relegated to a footnote on a Wikipedia page. Push the saw. Continue to make art ”.

– Real place vs. development version of Grand Theft Auto 6. As you can see, at Rockstar they care about the details. Not only does this shot confirm the inspiration in Miami, therefore Vice City.

– One of the lost files has probably in the title developer name Rockstar from India. A Rockstar employee closed his LinkedIn account today.

– The main characters are named in the trial version Jason a Lucia.

– We know very well here …

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