In several European countries, the incidence of Covid-19 is rising again – in the European Union

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The 14-day cumulative rate of Covid-19 morbidity per 100 thousand inhabitants in Latvia is currently 398.1 * (a week ago – 461.9). Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) average has risen to 381.1 ** (a week earlier – 328.9). Latvia ranks 17th among all European countries in terms of morbidity.

The highest morbidity rates in the world are currently observed in two European Union countries – the Czech Republic, which ranks first with a 14-day cumulative rate per 15,000 population, and Estonia, which currently ranks second in terms of morbidity. Estonia’s cumulative indicator increased to 1464.1 over the past week (a week earlier – 1397.1), while Lithuania’s indicator decreased to 223.5 (a week earlier – 306.6).

Compared to previous periods, a decrease in the incidence is still observed in Latvia, however, several strains of SARS-CoV-2 detected abroad have also been registered. So far, strain B.1.1.7 detected in the United Kingdom has been identified in our country, but information has been received this week on 7 cases of strain A.23.1 registered in Uganda. Both strains are characterized by being more contagious and spreading more rapidly among humans.

Despite the decrease in morbidity rates in Latvia and several other EU countries, SPKC does not recommend going abroad, as visiting other countries is considered a risk factor – in some countries there is not only an increase in morbidity, but also other Covid-19 virus circulating in Latvia. not registered.

The SPKC calls on the population to adhere to national safety measures to reduce the incidence of Covid-19. Stop Covid can help you find out faster if you have been in contact with a Covid-19 sufferer, allowing you to take precautions more quickly without risking your loved ones, colleagues and others around you, as infections are most common among family members, workplaces, friends and acquaintances. The Stop Covid app has so far been downloaded by more than 300,000 people, and more than 3,600 people infected with Covid-19 have used the app to identify their contacts.



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