In “Seven to Eight”, Baptiste Giabiconi reveals to be Karl Lagerfeld’s first heir

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The death of Karl Lagerfeld

CONFIDENCES – Baptiste Giabiconi was the guest of “Sept à Huit” on TF1 this Sunday, February 23. On the occasion of the release of his book, he delivered his truth, concerning Karl Lagerfeld, the creator who disappeared last year. He also said he inherited the genius of fashion.

It’s been a year since Karl Lagerfeld died. If his work within the Chanel house was successfully resumed, his close entourage, still seems to be in pain at the thought of mourning. Baptiste Giabiconi spent ten years in the first circle of Karl Lagerfeld. A special relationship, between a muse and his pygmalion, a filial love …

On the occasion of the release of his book, this very close friend of Karl Lagerfeld was the guest of “Sept à Huit”, in the portrait of the week. An interview during which he returned to his relationship with the designer, their daily lives and the heritage of the fashion pope.

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Apart from the Choupette cat mentioned for a while, we didn’t really know who was on the list of heirs to the Kayser but this Sunday, Baptiste Giabiconi revealed that he was one of them. “There are seven main heirs of Karl Lagerfeld. On the list, I am the highest. The first heir,” reveals the model. Choupette had to go back to “Françoise, her housekeeper. He took all measures to keep her quiet until the end,” he said. But when the rest of the heritage, Baptiste Giabiconi does not yet have a precise idea, indicating that the goods are being valued.

“I called him my Karl, my little Karl, my love sometimes”

Between Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi, a strange relationship had developed. If this indefinable bond which linked the two men was often mocked and mocked, both knew why they liked each other. According to him, Karl liked “[sa] spontaneity, [sa] freshness. Not having a code “.” We often cuddled. It was a filial relationship, very powerful, of a love that you cannot describe “, explains the heir of Karl Lagerfeld.” I called him my Karl, my little Karl, my love sometimeshe said, adding that there was “never a shadow of an ambiguity.”

His life with Karl Lagerfeld was made up of discussions, “we could say everything,” he said, adding that the fashion emperor “hated discussions about intellectuals”. Besides these moments of intellectual complicity, shopping seemed to hold an important place. “Karl, it was the excess, we went to Colette, to Dior. He wanted to fill me (…) He said that ‘there is only for the scoundrel’,” he says. And this scoundrel came to fill “a void, a lack, a loneliness”.

“He wanted me to be his son”

But do not believe that the relationship was limited to endless and regular shopping sessions. In reality, Karl Lagerfeld even thought for a time, to adopt Baptiste Giabiconi. “He wanted me to be his son somehow. He said if I break my pipe, it will be you ‘. He wanted to protect me, “he says.

Was it also to protect him that he was not talking about his cancer? No doubt, and out of modesty too. “He camouflaged a lot, didn’t talk about it (…) He didn’t want to talk about it. He turned his chemotherapy sessions into acupuncture sessions. I understood. I respected his choice not to want to talk about it,” explains Baptiste Giabiconi.

Today, the creator is no longer there but the lack seems very present: “What I miss is not being able to call him, confide in me. I had the impression of going quickly with him” . But to note, philosopher: “It is already wonderful to have had more than 10 years with him”.

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