In Savigliano, the modular structures of the Army will host up to 22 patients in support of the emergency room (PHOTO AND VIDEO) –

The “Taurinense” Alpine brigade is currently completing the setting up of the modular heated tensile structures at the Santissima Annunziata hospital in Savigliano, which will help manage the overcrowding of low-intensity hospitalization places.

Inside the two structures, health care equipment will be set up by the ASL Cn1, while tomorrow the Army will still mount the heating.

Everything will be finished in a few days so as to be active already at the weekend. The tents can accommodate up to 24 people, but there will be no more than 22 due to logistical needs.

A module that will support the triage activities of the Emergency Department and possibly in the treatment of low intensity Covid-19 positive patients.

“In the last week we have had an increase in access to the emergency room – he explains Massimiliano Pinelli, Director of Emergency Medicine of Savigliano – in Savigliano, but also in Saluzzo, both of suspected and directly positive cases. The trend is increasing, but the system is holding up well, however we expect that the measures implemented will bear fruit in the coming weeks, to prevent the ERs from going into serious suffering ”.

“The tents outside the emergency room will be dedicated to suspect patients waiting for a swab, but at low risk, patients who do not need ventilation, but must undergo an initial screening to determine if they have contracted Covid. We have equipped ourselves – concludes Pinelli – and it is something in the making to give all citizens, not just those affected by Covid, as cancer patients, all the optimal answers and in the best possible time ”.

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