In Sarcelles, the mayor’s detractors denounce a “witch hunt”

A municipal election does not stop with the proclamation of the results. After the electoral fever comes, for the elected mayor, a second phase, colder but just as strategic, that of the choice of key personalities of the administration.

“When a new one arrives, he wants to place men of confidence, in all management positions, decrypts an agent. We have to do our job the same way, regardless of political stripe. Afterwards, we all know that we can jump in the event of a change… ”

In Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise), the new first magistrate (PS), Patrick Haddad, wants to turn the page on a twenty-five-year reign of deputy (DVG) François Pupponi. With his legitimacy won in the ballot box, the elected official sets up his administration.

Two new to strategic positions

A director of technical services (DGS), from Chambly (Oise), and a director of human resources (HRD), from Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), have just been appointed. Two influential and structuring positions, left vacant throughout the municipal campaign.

“That it places people of confidence, so that the machine runs correctly, it is normal, entrusts an official. After that, it should not turn into settling of scores … “His detractors denounce a” witch hunt “within municipal services, lending Patrick Haddad a desire to” purge “the administration.

Two municipal police officers were suspended after the summer (illustration). The Parisian

As if he wanted to erase the agents most loyal to François Pupponi. “Some were ordered to leave because they were too close to me, while they are doing their job properly,” says the deputy and leader of the municipal opposition. Either you bow your head in submitting to the new mayor, or you are pushed out. These are scandalous methods, but they don’t surprise me on his part! It’s his personality. “

Change in the municipal police

The mayor’s entourage fiercely refutes. “No one has been summoned to tell him that he is no longer welcome, no one has been ordered to leave. We have been working for several months with agents recruited under François Pupponi, things are going very well, they say. These accusations are quite funny when you know certain managerial practices applied in their time … “

The unions are worried about “layoffs signed with a vengeance”. Two municipal police officers, for example, were suspended from their duties at the end of the summer. “The delegation does not exclude control, warns Pierre Baudin, Unsa delegate. If these are purely professional sanctions, we have no say. But they must be in accordance with the law, and justified! “

“These are not questions of people”

However, he judges, an agent, known to have had differences with the direction of the municipal police, was suspended and disarmed “without valid reason”. “And above all, outside of any legal framework! She was not even summoned, without ever being able to defend herself, ”criticizes Pierre Baudin. “All of this is done under a very strict procedure. There have been several disciplinary files carried out ”, retorts in the entourage of Patrick Haddad.

An agent persists in denouncing a “baseless decision.” Moreover, the relationship problems pointed out were topical before the elections. Why act now? If not to clean up when they have the power. “” These procedures are launched at the request of the heads of service, it is not the fact of the mayor, argues one in town hall. We are putting some things in order. These are not questions of people, but of modes of operation. “

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