In Saint-Denis, the municipal council turns into a scuffle

The case could almost be summed up in four words: “Hanotin does Macron”. At least that is what some unions, territorial agents and elected officials criticize for the new socialist mayor (PS) of the city of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Mathieu Hanotin. This is how they explain the violence that erupted during the last city council, Thursday, October 8, at the end of which a deputy mayor was slightly injured in the head.

That evening, while a CGT-UNSA-Sud-FSU inter-union called for a gathering in front of the town hall, a handful of people “Particularly lifts”, says Serge Ritmanic, secretary general of the CGT of the territorial agents of Saint-Denis, decided to intrude into the hemicycle, followed by about fifty demonstrators. “We were a little overwhelmed by our base”, concedes Mr. Ritmanic, who also “entered”. “They broke four doors” underlines the mayor, before insulting the elected representatives of the majority and provoking a stampede during which “Several people received blows”, indignant the city councilor, who arrived in the room once calm returned.

“Squaring up what has been learned”

Events strongly condemned by the president (PS) of the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, as well as by the former communist mayor (PCF) of the city, Laurent Russier, beaten by Mathieu Hanotin in the last municipal elections, despite its support for the demands of the demonstrators. “Given his methods, Mr. Hanotin wants to be Macron’s best student”, he believes. Understand, “He wants to pass his reforms in force, without consulting the social partners, without social dialogue”, denounces Serge Ritmanic, who refuses to condemn the violence he denies. “No blow was struck, he asserts. There was just a stampede and words ”.

At the heart of the discord, the will of the former campaign co-director of Benoît Hamon during the 2017 presidential election of “Squared” and at full speed – before December 31 – the working conditions of city officials, or 3,500 people, called ” achievements “. Number of hours worked, number of days off, wages, bonuses, etc. “I don’t play Macron, I’m just a Republican who defends respect for the rules, but in Saint-Denis, we do not respect the law of 35 hours”, says Mr. Hanotin.

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