In Saint-Brieuc, a village of tiny houses to live differently

Small houses on wheels have blossomed, one by one since July 2018, on a large plot of land, at the back of the Campus d’Armor accommodation, in Saint-Brieuc. Ty Village, the name of this country town in the middle of the city, now has nine tiny houses. Two more will arrive this summer, and four more by the end of the year. “Ultimately, twenty-one locations are planned”, announces Aurélie Moy, creator of Ty Village.

The summer rental in addition

The cottages are rented to students or employees, for a monthly rent of between € 450 and € 630 including all charges (water, electricity, wifi, gas, household waste, bicycle garage) and are eligible for APL (accommodation allowance ). From this summer, the tiny houses unoccupied by the students will be rented to vacationers. This seasonal rental also helps balance the village budget.

Its greening has started, common areas with picnic tables and a permaculture shared garden are being developed.

A “virtuous and reproducible” village

Aurélie Moy wanted to create a village “Virtuous, exemplary and reproducible”. The young woman, a polytechnician and business consultant engaged in ecology, sees with satisfaction the realization of her alternative housing project in the city. “It’s about showing that we can do urban planning differently, without artificialisation of the soil, while respecting biodiversity. Not a drop of concrete has been poured here. If the tiny houses go away, nature will take back its rights “, she insists.

As for the tiny houses, they are designed and manufactured in Ille-et-Vilaine by Ateliers des branchés, with Breton wood isolated by hemp and flax produced locally. They come in various shapes and colors, and the Ty Village is nothing like a field of mobile homes. “It is as I could imagine”, rejoices Aurélie Moy.



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