In Russia, they held a school “subbotnik” with the slogans of Nazi Germany (photo)

The Belarusian blogger decided to play a joke and sent a fake letter from United Russia.

Employees of one of the schools in Klin, near Moscow, held a “subbotnik” on June 23 under the title “Labor sets you free.” After beautifying the territory, the participants of the action photographed with posters “One people, one nation, one ruler”.

This was reported by the Belarusian blogger Vladislav Bohan.

He sent a fake letter to the school on behalf of the United Russia party with instructions for holding the action. At the same time, he demanded to send a photo report with posters. The answer was sent to him the next day.

“Every year, people who stand here in the photo with the slogan of the Third Reich “One people, one nation, one ruler” (Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer) broadcast about the liberation of the country from fascist invaders. Today they parasitize on the minds with the same brand children to justify their empire’s war of conquest,” wrote Bohan.

At the same time, he pointed out that it was precisely such people who became accomplices in the fact that “the brown plague has again raised its head in Russia (and in Belarus)”.

“Freedom in their understanding is to work out so that bureaucrats do not fly in. This is not a prank, the purpose of the prank is laughter, this is an action that reveals the terrible and absurd irony of the reality that has happened around us,” the blogger summed up.

As UNIAN previously reported, Russian schoolchildren honored the memory and heroism of the inhabitants of Kalinin during the Nazi occupation by a strange flash mob. The children created carnations in which they counted 1488 petals.

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