In Russia at night three girls were hacked to death with an ax and set fire to a house


The scene of the incident

All three of the victims did not even reach the age of 20. Their alleged killer is an 18-year-old boy.

In the city of Gai, Orenburg region of Russia, on the night of Thursday, September 30, an unknown man hacked to death three girls with an ax and set fire to an apartment, the newspaper reports. Ural56.Ru.

It is noted that the victims were medical college students. According to preliminary data, the killer started a fire to cover his tracks. Many bottles were found in the apartment, probably the day before there was a party.

Two corpses were found in the apartment by firefighters who came to liquidate the emergency. Another body was in the yard. All the victims have signs of violent death, the injuries are similar.

According to media reports, the criminal’s weapon was an ax. A criminal case was initiated on this fact.

Telegram channel Mash named the victims: 18-year-old Adilya Karimova, 19-year-old Zulfiya Sankina and Aigiza Umetkulova. The channel also published a photo of the alleged killer, 18-year-old Anvar Singizov.

It was previously reported that the gang that killed the professor will be tried in Zaporozhye university.

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