“In River there was no puterío or when he went to B”

He knew how to be on both paths during his time as a footballer and he managed to be champion in both. Carlos Morete, former striker who went through River and Boca, heeds the call of Olé to chat about a topic that today -in the midst of the pandemic and with soccer stopped- became a time bomb in the Xeneize: the crossfire between Tevez, Bermúdez and Cascini. And the Puma not only exposes its thinking about that internal conflict that shakes the cast of La Boca but also marks the difference that exists between these clubs regarding these situations that border on scandal. Come in and see.

Morete has more than 100 goals in the Primera de River.

-Carlos, why does it seem that there are always friction in Boca between its glories and in River it seems that these situations do not exist?

-In the case of River, taking out Gallardo, the only one who speaks is Francescoli. There you don’t have one, two, three, five guys talking about what happens in Boca. In Boca since the new president (Amor Ameal) won, Riquelme, Bermúdez, Cascini appeared … There are a lot of people who speak and they all believe they are the owners of the truth. In River that does not happen because those who speak every now and then are Francescoli or Gallardo, who are bigger words, and nobody else. River is not the puterío that you see right now in Boca. River is a more serious club in the sense that it’s been a long time since strange things happened to fight, to do these things … Look, Gallardo he takes out historic players like Ponzio to make room for others and nobody says anything. So you see there the seriousness of one club that contrasts with the other. Besides, saying that ‘when we got caught he was a former player’ as happened in Boca with Tevez are all things that hurt. It’s like they’re looking for controversy. Maybe there can also be some envy, jealousy …

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-In other words, in this case you are on Tevez’s side …

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-Let’s see, I know what Bermúdez and Cascini wanted to say but they didn’t understand it that way. I calculate that they will have said that Tevez was not at his best level and they treated him as a former player. But everything is misunderstood and I miss you guys who know what this game is like, they say it, and more when you’re in a club. And then this whole chain of quilombo was put together … I don’t know why words don’t measure.

– With all this commotion that was generated in Boca, would it not be good for Riquelme to appear publicly to clarify the many?

-I think that these people that Riquelme took, those who said these things, have to try to rectify themselves. But the damage is already done even if you rectify yourself. That is why I say about the great difference between Boca and River … When you speak of River, the first to appear is Gallardo: he is the one who can put a break, and then Francescoli who is there and is a man, speaks when has to speak. They say the joust … Look, in fact the other day he put a message with the theme that you have to think about the day after Gallardo … I’m sure Gallardo is leaving when the tournament ends in Europe. It’s my vision, uh …

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-All this mess could have been avoided if the Boca leadership had more experience or more tact on some issues?

-You call me leaders and Are you talking about Bermúdez and Cascini who are not leaders, are former players that have a supposedly important role in the Boca soccer issue (among .: they are members of the football council). And that they mess with a player or that they open their mouths is already controversial … And it is controversial in the sense that always the puterío is armed in Boca, always. Let’s not talk about the famous cabaret that Latorre once said, but the reality is that these things always happen in Boca. And in River he was not even puterious when he went to B … So I think these statements about Tevez are completely out of place. It is the big difference between those clubs, which was always the case.

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– In your time as a player in both clubs did you also observe that difference?

-You saw that when something happened, the subject of explosive statements was always born on the side of Boca. Over there in River there were a couple of cases but it is calmer in that sense. I think that in Boca they have to download a message from the leadership so that controversial things or sayings do not multiply.

– Does Riquelme consider him a leader or not?

-For me he is a kind of manager. I see it well because he is a guy who has a clinical eye, he is a piola, and he sees football well as he played it. And it has coherence when speaking. But on this issue between Bermúdez and Cascini, they were on television as opinionologists and spoke what they wanted. And in this position they should realize that they cannot speak the same, they are not on a panel … There they were wrong: they thought as in a sports program. I think it happened there. You have to be careful when talking because this is like in politics: one more word and you can build a ton of quilombo. And speaking of River and Boca the same thing happens.

-Do you see a solution to the Tevez issue? Do you think you will finally renew?

-I don’t know … I don’t know what Tevez will think. I reckon it’s going to renew, maybe a week or less passes and it will run its course. I think it will continue. Listen to me, Tevez does not have to give ball to these guys. He has to distance himself because he is still a soccer player: he has to focus on his own and on the extraordinary idea of ​​donating and of being a good guy, with the gift of people. That shows things that other guys have not shown … He still has something to play with and he should not measure up to others. Here, neither the politicians donated a coin, old man … I that Tevez would not give ball to these guys.

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