In protests in Poland, doctors demand higher salaries; government promises to respond

Thousands of Polish health workers gathered on the streets of Warsaw this weekend to demand higher wages and better working conditions. The protest comes at a time when the fourth wave of the Covid-19 outbreak has hit Poland.

The list of requirements for health care workers includes an immediate amendment to the law on the minimum wage, an increase in benefits, the provision of additional administrative and support staff, and the establishment of a system to help protect medical staff from physical and verbal aggression.

Many protesters were dressed in white, holding posters and giving speeches, claiming that the country’s health care system could collapse completely due to financial problems.

There are currently only 24 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants in Poland. On Saturday night, some protesters set up a tent at the official residence of Prime Minister Matthew Moraveck, known as the “White City”, and said they would stay there until their main demands were met.

Health Minister Ādams Nedzelskis has announced that talks with representatives of the protest and strike committee will take place on Tuesday, and Moraveckis will also take part in them.

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