In Prague-Běchovice, an express train collided with an empty passenger train. The accident is unharmed – ČT24 – Czech Television


One of the three dormitories was passable, none left after the accident

After the previous collision of the train with a man, only one of the three tracks was passable behind Běchovice. The express train was moving to the middle track, a passenger train already on it crashed into it from the side and derailed. After this second accident, the traffic between Libní and Běchovice stopped completely. It is a section of the main line that leads from Prague to Kolín, Česká Třebová and further to Moravia.

Long-distance trains run by diversion through Lysá nad Labem, but passengers must take into account delays that exceed an hour. Instead of regional trains, an extended bus line 250 runs as an alternative, ending in Úvaly.

There were also problems on other lines

However, Friday was an unfortunate day on the railway in other places as well. Due to the breakdown, trains did not run in the afternoon between Prague’s main railway station and Smíchov; another break also paralyzed the corridor between Prague and Ústí nad Labem for several hours.

In addition, the collision of two trains occurred only three days after the tragic accident, when two people died in a head-on collision between two motorbikes in the Ore Mountains near Pernink. This accident happened on the track, where people are almost exclusively responsible for traffic safety. Police detained one of the drivers after the accident.

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